Jan 13, 2014

Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like Part 11

For Peet's Sake blog

      Wow, this is the ELEVENTH TMBDL post (you can find them all here). Who knew that this would be such a prolific series when I posted the first Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like post. Well, actually - not to toot my own horn - I kind of suspected (and predicted) there'd be many sequels right from the start. And boy does it feel good to be tooting. Or does it? Because this means that my boyfriend basically hates half the stuff I have in my closet... Oh, well, you know what they say - haters gonna hate, bitchez gonna bitch and I ain't gonna care so let's see what the rejected items my hater keeps bitching about are this time.
For Peet's Sake blog faux fake fur H&M black gilet vest

      I got this H & M fur vest from my mom for Christmas (actually it was for New Year's Eve because we don't support Santa, he's an evil spawn of capitalism, trust me, I've seen his birth certificate, but that's a whole different story). I was really excited because it's a fur vest, who wouldn't be?! As soon as my boyfriend came over, I showed him the gift and said:
      "Babe, look! I got this from mom! Isn't it cool??"
      He froze for 1.5 seconds and then just turned away and walked towards the kitchen asking: "Do you have anything to eat?"
      "What's your problem? Look. Vest. Furry." I put it on.
      "Aham. Food?"
      "Yes, food. Vest?"
      "Yes... Vest... Just so you know... You look like a fucking shepherd."
      Oh, a shepherd, that's swell. "Find your own damn food."

For Peet's Sake blog crazy print colorful striped H&M pants

      The material of these H & M jeans is terrible (no stretch) and the fit isn't the best (it's the worst) but I still love them for one reason and one reason alone - they are basically every color imaginable. Naturally that's the reason why my boyfriend hates them which he made undeniably clear the first time he saw them.
      "God, when did you get these?"
      "These are great, what are you talking about?!"
      "Sure, great... When God was done creating the world, he took all of the leftover colors and said: 'OK, I'm going to make this piece of shit.'"
      "I don't think the god you're talking about swears."
      "When he saw these pants, he did."

For Peet's Sake blog black and white striped blazer

      I got this blazer via eBay a long time ago and I still find it to be just as awesome as I did back then, while my boyfriend thinks it's ridiculous and calls me Beetlejuice when I wear it. He might be ingenious, but he isn't the only one.
      The first time I wore it out, I went to a club and out of nowhere a guy came up to me with his arm extended high in the air as if he was holding something between his thumb and index finger yelling: "Red card! Red card!"
      I've seen some crazy shit in clubs so far but that left me completely baffled so I had to ask: "Sorry, dude, I don't get you. What card?"
      "Red card! You're a referee, right? Soccer, red card, referee?"
      "No, man, I'm me." What the fuck?! "You do know it's not Halloween, right?" Speaking of Halloween, what did you come as? A dickhead? Because I see you have a head and I hear you sound like a dick.
      Then my boyfriend chimed in: "No, no, she's Beetlejuice!" and the other guy agreed saying I was Beetlejuice dressed up as a referee. Thinking about that night, apparently it really was a costume party - what else would you otherwise call one referee Beetlejuice and two dickheads?

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  1. I always like your posts! always so fun! keep on going!

  2. Guys can be such dorks! I love the striped blazer! I think it's awesome, I've been looking for such a blazer forever!
    I admit I'm not so enthusiastic about the colourful pants either, but I also love the furry vest! It sucks balls when your boyfriend doesn't have any idea about fashion. Tell me bout it... My boyfriend doesn't like my black studded biker boots, wtf?! ;)

  3. Ha! Always enjoy these posts! Don't care what he says- those colourful pants and the striped jacket are killer! :)



  4. I find your shepperd coat and your beetlejuice jacket awesome ! Jee... sounds like your BF doesn't like much...but hey well mine either (from my clothes, I mean).

  5. This is the best idea for a post and it’s so much fun. The vest is so cool and I absolutely adore the coloured jeans. The pattern is amazing and the more colour the better I think. It’s really interesting to see the conversations other couples have about clothes. Shepherd- that’s hilarious, I was not expecting that one. My husband usually likes my clothes but he hates my blush and eyeliner so much. We are always talking about that! I once had a pair of white flats with crowns on them which he hated so much.

  6. Hahahaha, your boyfriends comments are priceless, he needs his own blog Peet. No one can hate this adorable furry vest, its so cute, Im sure he likes it but just doesn't want to admit it. How awesomely fun are these printed pants, I love that they have so many colours. The guy in the club needed a football kicked in the head. - I have a similar striped blazer and love it, Beetlejuice or not. To answer your Q, Sandra did wear a very similar dress a few weeks before, it was by the same designer. And I don't love Naya's dress as much as how well she fitted into it, she has an incredible figure. I am so grateful for your insightful comments. Have a great week ahead hun!

    1. Trust me, his own blog is something he definitely DOESN'T need.:D

  7. THOSE PANTS! Please, they're amazing. I feel like your boyfriend's comments are what keep me on my toes 24/7 whenever I read this type of post. Priceless. You should publish a book with quotes of stuff he says. #1 bestseller, I can feel it.


  8. If you are happy with the way it looks, then wear it. I like it when folks tell you what or what not to wear.

  9. Haha there are just some (okay, a LOT) of things guys don't get when it comes to our fashionable clothes. I personally am in love with your furry vest and the striped blazer! And the pants? Well, I can see why you'd like them. The colors, the jagged stripes...me likey!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. Exactly! The colors, the jagged stripes - what's not to love?! Boys are clueless...

  10. Ahahaha, moj najljubši del v seriji :D Dol smešno. Mene sicer tudi te črte spominjajo na sodnike, oz. so me, ko se je začel ta trend. Ampak mi je vseeno super všeč.

    1. Resno??:D Meni na kraj pameti ni padel noben sodnik, očitno res premalo spremljam šport...:)

  11. Count me in the Beetlejuice jacket crew, I LOVE it!!! I have harlequin print trousers (black and white) and my boyf called me a clown when he saw me. He meant Pierrot, the sad clown. Which is even worse.
    Come to think of it, you in that awesome jacket and me in my trousers would make a great team.

  12. Love that blazer! and those jeans would make wicked cut up shorts. Boys don't know

    X. pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  13. Great xoxo visit please :) http://becoolbepositivebeyou.blogspot.com/

  14. That blazer! I should I go: dat blazer. You know, to go with the 'dat ass' trend...

    Anyway, that blazer! I love it! I am a blazer girl, and this striped version is seriously fab.

  15. Love the vest and the blazer! The pants are crazy, haha!, but you can pull ANYTHING off. I can't believe your dude doesn't like the blazer though. It baffles me! It fits you SO well and shows off your figure beautifully. He need to learn to look beyond his frame of reference, I think. ;)

    xo Ashley

  16. ha, nice of your boyfriend to back you up at the club then! I love the jacket, I think I told you that before. I do like the pattern of the pants, but not for me because my thighs are huge and I'd have all sorts of insults thrown at me, not to mention no stretch - I dont own a pair of pants without stretch. The fur vest is bang on trend so you make sure you keep wearing it girl - in fact, why am I even telling you that, I know you will - that's my girl!

  17. Honestly guys are retarded! I freaking love your striped blazer! xx


    1. "Guys are retarded!" Best comment by far.:D

  18. love the fur weistcoat and stripes jacket
    looking so amazing
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    would you like to pass from my blog?

  19. The annoying red card guy is hillarious ,hehheheh lol.
    by the way I love the stripes blazer, its goes well with anything jeans, mini, maxk skirts.
    Anyway you look great hunn,


  20. hahaha that last story about your blazer is priceless! by the way, I knew nothing about Beetlejuice before reading this post. and what the hell is wrong with guys? it's a completely normal blazer in very classy colours. nothing strange. your vest and pants are also completely normal pieces. nothing strange at all and well, you look great in all of those pieces which is a huge bonus! oh and I love those round photos and the way you have created the collages. really cool!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. I think these are completely decent pieces too, I didn't get the referee comparison at all or any other either. Who thinks of shepherds in these days???:D

  21. Those pants are GREAT! I love 'em ..

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  22. Haha. That blazer is amazing! You look great in all of these items.



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