Jan 8, 2014

What's the Difference Between Frugal and Cheap

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      Without a shadow of a doubt, in this day and age being frugal is a valuable asset which can help you preserve your liquid assets. But when does one stop being smart with their expenses and starts being penny-pinching, money-grudging, mean, stingy or, in other words, a cheap bitch? If you haven't got a clue how to answer this question, you're in luck because I've come up with some illustrative examples to clarify the difference between being frugal and being cheap.

If you wash your clothes at night, instead of during the day, so you pay less for electricity, you're being frugal.
If you change your underwear and socks only once a week so you have to do less laundry, you're cheap.

If you decide to avoid going to someplace tropical for your vacation and you lounge by a nearby lake or river instead, you're frugal.
If you put on your bikini, spread a towel in your living room in front of an electric heater and pretend you're someplace tropical, that's cheap.

Recycling tea bags might be frugal.
But recycling toilet paper has cheap bitch smeared all over it.

Parking your car few blocks away from the store/restaurant/bar when you're taking your girl out so you two don't have to pay for parking and can enjoy a lovely walk together is frugal. And romantic.
Making your girlfriend park the car blocks away after she first leaves you in front of the store/restaurant/bar so you don't have to walk and can save on parking is cheap. Cheap as hell.

Smuggling your own alcohol into a club is frugal. Shady, but frugal.
Bringing your own alcohol into a restaurant is cheap. You don't need to get wasted at a restaurant, have some class, man. Wait till you get to the club.

Making your own card for your girlfriend for Valentine's Day - that's frugal. And again - romantic.
Proposing to your girlfriend with a DIY macaroni ring - that's cheap.

Turning off lights at home when you don't need them at night is frugal. And environmentally friendly, you really should do that.
Making everyone read by one LED bulb powered by a potato battery in the evenings is cheap.

Staying at home and watching TV because you don't want to pay for a round a drinks is cheap. And antisocial.
Going out and guzzling down whatever's on the table and ordering drinks like crazy and then at the end of the night saying: "Sorry, guys, I must've forgotten my wallet..." is even cheaper. The frugal way would be to order an inexpensive drink or two and that's it for the night. But let's face it, there's no fun in that. Then again, 'frugal' does start with an 'f' just like 'fun' does, but that's about all those two notions have in common.

Using a cloth handkerchief when you have a cold so you save money on paper ones - frugal.
Waiting for the mucus and boogers on used paper handkerchiefs to dry so you can reuse them - cheap.

Turning off the facet when you wash your teeth - frugal. And again - environmentally friendly.
Not flushing every time you use the bathroom and making your girlfriend look at your shit floating in a puddle of urine in the toilet bowl - cheap.

      Please, don't think I'm insinuating that these examples are true to my life (although I'm 100 % they are true to someone's life). I didn't purposely single out my or any other boyfriend, it just seems more believable to appoint all the stupidity to 'a boyfriend', wouldn't you agree? Girlfriends are usually (much) more sensible, it's a fact of life.

For Peet's Sake blog denim cut off shorts black tights newsboy hat Zara black coat
For Peet's Sake blog denim cut off shorts black tights Zara black coat
For Peet's Sake blog black and white photography red umbrella girl walking in a forest in rain
For Peet's Sake blog denim cut off shorts black tights newsboy hat Zara black coat grey boots
Boots - eBay, tights - Calzedonia, shorts - Two Way + DIY, shirt - H & M, sweater - my roommate gave it to me, coat - Zara

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  1. Proposing to your girlfriend with a DIY macaroni ring. If Tom does that, I'll slice of his man bells.

    1. Hey, maybe he just doesn't know the difference between frugal and cheap.:D

  2. I always like to stop by to see your photos ~ so creative.

    I found kissandmakeup's comment quite funny!!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. "Making everyone read by one LED bulb powered by a potato battery in the evenings is cheap."

    And also creative!

    1. Creative? Yes. Cheap as fuck? Double yes.:D

  4. Going for the preppy look today? ;) All of the cheap things remind me of the show Extreme Cheapskates. Ever seen it? Sometimes I have to turn it off because the people aggravate me so bad.. and then I think about how I should be saving more money...

    xo Ashley

    1. No, I haven't! This makes me really happy actually - there still are some reality shows I haven't seen!:D

  5. DIY macaroni ring, I sincerely hope that happens to nobody, unless in kindergarten. I also love your shorts and shirt and sweater and boots. So basically, I like your whole outfit!


  6. So funny! Love this list, and your pictures.. how freaking cute!

  7. Haha, the example of a boyfriend making his girl walk after she drops him off....too funny!
    Great way to define the differences between frugal and cheap :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. LOL : the DIY macaroni ring. Try dude !
    I don't understand cheap people. I never had much money but to me, what money buys is nice memories, nice experiences with people that I love. So when I do have some money, I just spend it to enjoy something with my boyfriend or my family... And I just don't get what they think or why they want to keep a high amount of money on the bank account if they don't enjoy life with it..

    1. Same here, I never had much money, but I spend every dime I have on people I love and traveling. Ok, and on clothes too, but I've recently calmed down, thank frigging god - now I can spend more money on something wise.:)

  9. Hahaha you had me at DIY macaroni ring!! Great post as usual!! I love what you're wearing! The cutoffs with the tights n boots are looking fab! Those shoes are hot!! Happy new year! Was just thinking of you yesterday that I havent visited your blog in a while so here I am!


    1. Glad to see you back, babe. It's really strange that I thought of you and stopped by your blog yesterday too.:D

  10. Great images you look awesome.

  11. i like how the color green changes to red when you monochrome it!

  12. Bravo Peet! I laughed at almost every single one of those. Expect the flushing thing - come on yo, that's not the way to save water / the planet / polar bears. I don't know which is worse, the "I-forgot-my-wallet-at-home" guy or the "Guys-will-buy-me-drinks-anyway" girl. Seriously, these two cheap skates deserve each other. (I don't know why, but I think I'm starting to feel genuinely ticked off at these two)
    As always, brilliant post Peet! Lots of love coming you way :)


    1. I hate those bitches too!! Those are the girls that are giving all girls in general some seriously bad reputation. I can and will buy my own drinks, thank you! Now you've got me all worked up too.:D And thank you for the love, luv.;) I'm sending it right back at ya!!!

  13. Nice comparisons. I think everyone is on the path to being frugal with the way this economy is going.

  14. Your posts always make me laugh, Peet - these are some extreme examples but I'm sure they do apply to someone's life! And you look great in these photos, too. Jeans and tights doesn't work on everyone but you are rocking it!

    1. I do love wearing tights and shorts together so thanks, babe!;)

  15. Great post
    Really love your short

  16. While I was reading I was wondering which ones applied to you ha. I definitely need to be more frugal, in fact cheap if needs be, but we'll start with frugal. Great examples for differentiating the two and I'd agree with all of them. I presume you don't have different colour umbrellas so I would say you are being frugal by your clever use of Photoshop, fab photography by the way.

    Thanks for you tip about the make up, I'll take a proper peek at that later although you know who I'd rather learn from - go pluck up that courage girlfriend! x

  17. Yay Im Frugal, not cheap! haha xx



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