Feb 21, 2014

My Doppelganger

      If you're a fan of the legendary sitcom How I Met Your Mother, you already know what a doppelganger is. But they didn't come up with the concept on the show, the word itself was actually first used in 1796 and it means an unusually same looking person - a double. The notion of a doppelganger is even older than that though since in Ancient Egypt they believed in 'spirit doubles' who had the same memories and feelings as the person they resembled. But enough with the boring stuff, on to the fun part, right?
      Each year there's a week called a doppelganger week where you change your avatar picture on whatever social media you want with a picture of a celebrity you most resemble, but DogVacay came up with the idea of finding a dog breed that most resembles you and that sparked my interest because I happen to love dogs and I have a spare one, so I thought it'd be cool to partake. So I shall.
      I checked their link on what your dog's bread says about you and I immediately scrolled down to the terrier section since I have a West Highland White(ish) Terrier and I must say that some of those lines were spot on. But the more I kept thinking about the similarities I and my dog share, the more I realized that he in fact is me in my canine form, my doppelganger, my spirit double. Here's why:
  • We're both generally skeptical about/unsure of/annoyed by/suspicious of children and old people.
  • We both like to fart.
  • We both like to eat junk food. I love a good hamburger and he loves eating actual junk he finds outside, thinking that it's food.
  • We both can rock any haircut, short or long, but for both the following is true: the shorter the better.
  • We both prefer dogs to cats.
  • We both are tattooed.
  • We both like to drink. A lot. He can go through a bowl of water faster than I can uncork my bottle of wine.
  • We share the same style. And this was, aside from today's pictures, documented on several occasions - 1, 2 and 3.
  • We both prefer getting massages and belly rubs to giving them. Hence we often don't return the favor. And shamelessly so.
  • I'm his favorite and he's my favorite which, since we're each other's doppelganger, makes us a couple of narcissistic bitches. But again - shamelessly so.

      They might have proved that the chicken came before the egg, but I'm not sure what came first when it comes to me and my dog - my personality or his? To further corroborate my claim, I found a handy questionnaire online, which we both filled out and below are our answers for you to compare. Talk about a spirit double.

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  1. I love this post so funny the similarities that you pointed out ! x
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Love Dani xx www.huntinginheels.blogspot.it

  2. What a cute dog >.<


  3. You are such an interesting person.. I was so excited to that I opened the link right away..
    Must say you and your dog both have one more thing in common, both are stylish, interesting and cool
    Keep in touch

    1. Thanks, babe!! You're too kind. And he's also liking the compliments.;)

  4. OMG you both are tattooed! I love the fact that you both love to drink :) SO do i!! And yeah, you both have a lot in common! Loved reading both your answers. Though his pet peeves definitely take the cake. My dog's stopped farting now thankfully, but her list of peeves is pretty similar to your dog's :)

  5. Great post! I love your dogie!

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  6. I definitely feel like you have some sort of power allowing you to eves drop into my English class. We're reading Jane Eyre and literally just talked about doppelgangers. Weird. And your dog is still cute, in case you need confirmation.


  7. You're so funny. The tattoo similarity made me think you were being cruel to animals for a second, but I got it after a little thought. I'm seeing more and more people making money from their dogs these days, has your dog ever made you money? You and your dog look too cool for school. I'm not a pet person, come to think of it, nor a child person nor a husband person - im such a loner!

    1. No, no, I didn't ink him just to ink him - the people that I got him from inked him because back then they didn't put chips under their skin, they got inked with a number in case they got lost. I think he wasn't even a moth old when he got the tattoo - he's really badass.:D

      I've recently read an article saying that old souls usually don't need that much company. I always think and say that being an old soul's a good thing...

  8. Haha! Loved this post. Cute dog dog dog.

    I have a doppleganger. She is a porn star called Paula. My manager found her and thought it was me and told everyone at work I did porn :/ It's SCARY how much she looks like me. I do have photographs of her on my phone. If you want I can email them to you haha.

    Corinne x

    1. A porn star Paula???? Really????:D I definitely want to see that!!!:D

  9. haha the last picture is so hilarious ! I can definitely see how he's your doppleganger !

  10. I never realized your dog had ink! Haha, that is so awesome.
    And yes, that show is certainly legen....DARY when it comes to dopplegangers. I just watched the episode where they found Barney's. Haha, too ironic that he's a fertility doctor!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. Hahaha, I love it! You really do seem like two peas in a pod. Mr. Fartz always makes me smile :) Happy Sunday! xo



  12. ihihih great post! For to study my english, you're perfect and funny!



  13. This is so cute. I'm about to look up Poms, although they're thought to be kind of a girly dog and I am SO not girly. Oh well. Todd is my spirit animal, regardless.

    xo Ashley

  14. I was wrong. What they said about Toy Breeds is spot on. I love my foxbaby.

    1. "Toy breeds and their owners shouldn’t be underestimated.";)

  15. what a cute post! I think this dog is your perfect doppleganger! (I like how I met your mother too!) I laughed a few times reading the questionnaire! So funny! Perfect spirit double!


  16. Haha. Love the similarities!


  17. So funny, doppelganger is btw a German word :) Can´t believe that there are so many similarities between you and your dog! But I did already the same test with my cat and me and I came also to the result that there are really many similarities.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    1. It's really funny, right, how our pets turn out to be just like us... It's weird...

  18. Really funny. Enjoyed this post. I especially liked the questionnaire. Haha. Leos looks dandy in the last photo with a blue bandana. And yes, you have the same fashion taste--the Xmas hat was a winner! x

    1. What can I do, he steals my shit all the time.:D

  19. haha how I looove posts about your fluffy friend! :D honestly, those are the ones I enjoy the most because no other blogger has them. but the doppelganger theme overall.. I first heard about it because I watch The Vampire Diaries and it's one of the main things there. sometimes annoying but at least I learnt something new while watching it. oh and those photos of you and the hairy dude are awesome! give him a hug from me..or something he likes if he hates hugs :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  20. LoL .. cute post. I have a cocker spaniel so apparently I'm "easy-going and adaptable to different social situations" .. hmm, good to know :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  21. Seriously, I think we have a mental connection that transcends all infinite universe barriers .
    I follow How I Met Your Mother. And I know exactly what is a Doppelganger. I always joked with my friends because we couldn't ever found any.
    Until just FOUR DAYS AGO, when a friend sent me a picture that made ​​me shiver.
    I asked my mother, but she said she had only given birth once. And it seemed pretty confident.
    I copy the link down to make you freak out. (I'm on the righ if you are wondering)



    1. Are you kidding me?!?!?! You're the same!!! She's basically a copy of you or vice versa! It's really creepy actually.

  22. This is to funny I love it but is so true your dog is almost like you great looking dog picture I guess my Chihuahua are like me lol. Great post.

  23. OMG I don't think I've laughed so much on here Peet. New world record fo' sho'! Yes you both are two peas in a pod. I'd like to think I am like my own little gal pal, in fact a lot of my friends say that we are similar and completely made for each other but she does have nasty habits and traits that are so not me. At least that was before I read this. Now I can see how her weirdness resembles my own. For one, girlfriend hates and I mean HATES being clean. I certainly LOVE being clean though lol but she likes to 'perfume' herself when we go out for walkies by rubbing the sides of her neck and under her ears with bird poop or something else that smells really badly and I am not sure what it actually is (this one time, and wait for it because it's really, really gross Peet, I could have sworn she rubbed herself in someones spunk; ie: sperm. I am pretty sure that was what I found behind her ears and God damn that was not OK! And it was even worse trying to clean her with disposable plastic spoons cos there was NO WAY IN HELL I was gonna be touching that! Bahahaha! True story.) So the point of all that is well before I read this I would have said, nope her and I are total opposites but now I see that we are both particular to scents. I love me some parfum, but it needs to have a citrus base and NO MUSK. I hate that shit. So we are alike in that way. We both also LOVE junk food. She loves eating some left over greasy burger meat that I'll give her and she also likes eating cat poop too. That she finds outside. O_o

    We are both pretty socially awkward and can both fake it pretty well. Me more than her and she is better at getting snappy at others than me. I am way too passive for my own good. We both prefer dogs to cats and we are definitely each others BFF's and favorites. Unfortunately we do not share the same love for water. I love to swim and dip my toes, she does not nor will she ever. She also does not like to drink gallons of the stuff like I do. I have to practically hand feed it to her to get her to bloody drink! We both look pretty weird with short hair though, long definitely suits us and we can get away with medium lengths too. Man I could go on for days you know. Girlfriend also loves getting her belly rubbed on the couch or floor or wherever and whenever. Sometimes she'll even flip on her back in front of a stranger. If only she'd do it in front of some hunky dude. Man I'd be set. But like I said, she's awkward and probably afraid of all that good looking-ness. Sigh.

    If my Chanel were to find out I let this slip, especially about the poop shiz, there would be hell to pay! Then again, bitch would probably love the attention! Hahahaha!


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