Feb 10, 2014

Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like Part 12

      To be honest, I don't like shopping. I like having new stuff, but I don't like the process of acquiring them - I can't deal with waiting in lines and shoving amongst people and trying on stuff and waiting in lines some more. My mantra is eBay or no way, basically. I guess working alone from home has left its mark on me, meaning I've developed a level of social anxiety. Well, not anxiety per se, because I'm not anxious (although I'll claim otherwise to a doctor if it'll get me a Xanax or two), it's more of an annoyance, I get social annoyance. Anyhow, I still go to shops from time to time and my recent trip entailed accompanying my boyfriend to a local drugstore to get some facial wash.
      I don't know if you've gathered this by now (and you really should have, since this is the already 12th Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like post), but I have a very opinionated and picky boyfriend. When it comes to everything. Even facial washes. After we'd been in the frigging store for 2.7 days (13 minutes in real time), I started trying on lipsticks out of desperation. Just to clarify things, I don't wear lipsticks. I have 4 of them, because I think they're pretty, but I don't wear them. That's how desperate I was. Then the saleswoman came along and asked me:
      "Do you need any assistance?"
      "I'm just trying these on to kill time. I'm waiting for my boyfriend. To decide. On a facial wash."
      "Oh, ok. I thought you might need some help, because you were browsing around like you're looking for something."
      "No, no, I'm not. I'm just waiting. I don't know why it's taking him so long."
      "Is he always this slow?"
      "No. Not always." Pause for a moment's reflection. Then she got it and started laughing. My boyfriend, who heard me, didn't.
      I can't say what she thought or what you think I meant, but I was talking about this - he certainly isn't slow to judge, especially my wardrobe. Fine. Judge. I couldn't care less. Because you know what? In the words of the great Filippo Giove from Jerseylicious: When you point your finger, there are 3 more pointing right back at you. And if you ask me, these are some pretty clever words for a man who looks as good as he does in a thong. Which my boyfriend would be extremely quick, light speed quick, to judge, of course.
      Aside from Filly in a thong, he passed some judgment about the following three of my items and showed no mercy when commenting on them. But much to his disappointment, whether he thinks they're inglorious or not doesn't have much of an effect on me. Or any at all. So here they are:

      For some reason, I wanted an understated flowy spaghetti strap top and was very happy to find one extra cheap at H & M. But apparently it's a bit too understated for my boyfriend's liking. "That's like something they wore during the Second World War. No, even worse. That's something grandmas during the Second World War wore." Obviously describing a piece of clothing as something 'a grandma would wear' is the ultimate sartorial insult.

      For some other reason, I also wanted a mesh long t-shirt/dress and luckily found one (also in H & M)  on sale for €5 ($7, £4). When I pulled it out of the bag during our ride home from the store and showed it to him, he just rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything. So I had to ask:
      "WHAT?? What's wrong with this?!"
      "What isn't?"

      Since he didn't like the fur vest I already showed you, it's really no surprise he hated this bag the first time its soft fuzzy hairs caressed his eyeballs.
      "Oh god... Did you steal Mrs. Cousin It's bag?"
      "No. I've adopted their baby," I replied, cradling the bag. "Wanna hold it?" Then I looked down at the bag safely tucked in my arms: "Wanna meet your dada?" He just sighed, did a 180 and left. Just like a real dada. "See, little It, he learned fast. They learn so fast."

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  1. Very cute post i love the series - i like your boyfriend and his opinions - dont always agree but at least he has a viewpoint! A lot of men just nod and say thats nice baby...

  2. Yay Xanax! On another note, that top and jersey dress could be extra sexy. He's insane. Silly boys. Also, YOUR HAIR

    xo Ashley

    1. I actually think those two items can be very sexy too!! I was surprised he didn't like the top, so much skin is showing - isn't that what boys like??? Go figures.

  3. You don't know how much I wait for this post of yours..
    OMG, your boyfriend took that much time to decide a face wash.. And you don't like lipsticks !!!
    Anyways coming to the comment on the cloths and bag, I must say, your boyfriend has a very different humour.. :)
    Have a great week

    1. The thing is I like lipstick, but they always dry my lips so I just stay away. And you always have to reapply and I ... just can't deal with that, frankly.:)

  4. What a great picture effect you used, those images look amazing! Great job and also great purchases - I got serious bag-envy! Merci for your lovely comment on my Blog - hope you‘ll come back soon♡Love, Kyra

  5. each time i click the link to your blog i'm thinking " please let it be a post about what her boyfriend hates, those are always the funniest ones" . thank you for not disappointing me today :)))


  6. WHAT?! That flowy spaghetti strap shirt? Excuse me, but um, no. That's such a pretty shirt.


  7. Hahahaha! I love your finds, especially that baggie, have you both named him yet? BTW I know that anxiety. I actually love to shop, though I spend too much time. I also need to plan ahead, like where I'll go first and where is the best place to park. Because of this I prefer to do it online, since I don't have to do anything. I hate lines and I hate changing rooms when the sales staff keep coming around asking if you need something. It's like, why? Am I taking too long? Eeek!


  8. I don't like shopping either. I buy most of my stuff online. And my boyfriend is even worse. He has ME buy HIS stuff online :-)

    1. Really??? That's a new way of shopping I guess.:)

  9. The mesh long dress is pretty fabulous. Period. He should just accept it!


  10. your bf is totally wrong about that strappy silk top. Tell him to go watch Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface....sexy as all hell. lol ;) loved your last comment by the way, thank you for the kick up the ass. I really want to get better at chasing my dreams this year xxx

  11. I am joining the online shopper clan too. I can't deal with real-life shopping.
    Also bless your boyf, isn't he just adorable not liking things and you totally rebelling & making it into a blogging series. HELL YES.
    Also i really like that bag. I want to see an outfit post with it please.
    pretty please?

  12. OMG I want all three items :D Well I can understand that your boyfriend doesn't like the sporty shirt and the bag because boys don't like girls to look like boys and they don't like clothing or accessories that look like animals, BUT how can you deny that this first top is so sexy??

  13. Still intentionally annoying the boyfriend then. Still haven't got to grips with Ebay but look, in-store shopping got you some cool things, right...... and even better they were cool enough for your boyfriend to pass judgement again! You are funny!

  14. Lol. I like your fur bag. Mrs. It or not, it is still adorable.

  15. Cousin It bag .. Hey , I love that bag!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  16. Hahahaha, I can just imagine his reaction to that fur bag! xD
    Yeaaah, he's definitely vocal about what he hates, and I think it's hilarious how you always go for the things/trends he dislikes - makes for these awesome posts!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. I don't purposely go for them, just have to make that clear.:) Cross my heart.:D

  17. You know I love these posts Peet, its the highlight of my week I swear. I also take about 2.7 days to pick a face wash, not because i am picky but I am just really indecisive. I think you will look so pretty with lipstick on! I think you should do a lipstick challenge post *winks*. I am drooling over that first slip top, its so sexy and very much in vogue. I don't think anyones great great grandma wore that back in the day, it would have caused a scandal. The furry bag!!! SOOO Cute! Love it love it, I have a very miniature version that can't even fit a lipstick but it looks cute anyways. Thanks for sharing your opinions with me :)

  18. At least your boyfriend cares about what you wear or what you´re about to buy, my husband he only cares about why I have more than 4 bags, more than a dozen shoes and a gazillion of clothes in my closet, hahaha! Love that satin top on you!

    1. People keep saying that I'm lucky in a way that my bf at least cares. Well... I'll have to think about this one.:)

  19. How did you get that effect? There is a tutorial? I need to try it =)

    hahaha your boyfriend is great. It seems to have a supernatural instinct to know what is chic and what not.
    Mine can not comment. He's who dresses like an old lady often ^ ^

    But I usually love your purchases. Personality and cheap. That's enough for me. Those are the only two things I ask to clothes (also occupy less space in the closet because it's starting to not fit in).


    1. Me too, sometimes the cheap factor is even more important.:D I used to be so 'obsessed' with clothes, but then I've realized, thank god, that it's pointless and superficial. I do want to look a certain way, but I'm not going to die if I can't get my hands on the clothes that I like.

      Anyhow, nope, nope, not an effect, not a filter. I did those little squares all by hand. I wish there was a button to push to get this.:D


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