Mar 17, 2014


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      To make this Monday a little less mondayish, I wanted to see what fun and interesting things happened on March 17th throughout history but except for a few barely-worth-mentioning facts, I was basically left with bubkis. But nonetheless, here are then not-so-horrifically-boring-that-I'd-want-to-stab-myself-to-escape-boredom historical bits.
      Exactly 84 years ago, Al Capone got released from jail in Philadelphia where he spent 9 months for carrying a concealed weapon. Judging by his cell (which I already posted a photo of here), those had to be some grueling moths.
       55 years ago, the Dalai Lama fled Tibet and went to India.
      29 years ago president Ronal Reagan agreed to do a joint study with Canada on acid rain. I know, I know, quite yawnful, I started reaching dangerously for a sharp object, to tell you the truth ...
       Also on this very day, white South Africans approved constitutional reforms giving legal equality to blacks. You want to take a guess how many many years ago that was? I'm sure most of you won't even be able to fathom such a large number since there's no chance in hell any of you was even born back then. It was ... 22 years ago. Shocking right? And they say that man is the crown of creation.

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      Robert Kardashian turns 27 today and Coco Austin (Ice T's girlfriend, in case her voluptuous body and bodatious persona need any introduction) turns 35. But probably the most important person celebrating today is Saint Patrick. He's the patron saint of Ireland and some say he was born on March 17th, some say he died on this day and some say that it's neither, but what everyone agrees on is that you must wear something green and drink a lot of beer. I like green and I like beer even better so that's fine by me - I'll take anything that will help me chase this mundane mondayness away. Cheers!

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For Peet's Sake blog striped top

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