Mar 26, 2014

Sock It To Me!

      I wanted to post something else today, but thanks to one of my best friends, I have to share the link she sent me, because it definitely knocked my socks off and made my day.
      So, you most definitely have to check it out too (click here) and share it with all your friends (especially all of your female and gay friends) because it's for a good cause — cancer awareness! I also encourage all of the straight male readers to have a peek as well, it's your balls that are on the line after all. I think that after checking the link yourself you'll agree with the following observations of mine:
      A) Men should shave just as much as women do. (And I'm not talking about legs here.)
      B) Guys, go get a tattoo. It's hot.
      C) And don't take pictures standing next to your dog. Naked.

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