Apr 21, 2014

I Wonder . . . #4

      Today, I felt like putting together a post for one of the series on the blog, the I Wonder series to be exact. If you're new here and you haven't read any of the previous posts, you can do that here, but the concept is pretty simple — I just compose a list of questions which have sprouted up in my mind and which I don't know the answer to. Be it because I don't feel like googling it (yet) or because it's more of a philosophical question (like, for example, the first one) or because I'm just dumb. You decide.

Are rhinos and unicorns related?

What would animals get fixed if they could have plastic surgery?
Would elephants get ear reductions or ear implants?

Is Tim Gunn still a virgin? In 2012, he himself said in an interview
that he had been celibate for 29 years and was still a virgin because he was hurt so badly by his first (and only?) boyfriend that he gave up on sex completely. It's been two years since then. A confession like that has to at least land you a mercy fuck, right?

How does this guy have a drink? Or eat soup?
I know this look makes visits to the dentist's office
a piece of cake. But how does he eat one?

Would cats from Germany understand cats from Argentina?
Or would dogs from India get what dogs from Canada are saying?

How bad are those frozen TV dinners?
It says no additives and preservatives on the package,
so how bad can they actually be?

What's a male ladybug called?
A misterbug? A gentlebug?
A tranny?

This is Susie Menkes.
She's a fashion editor, reporter and critic
for the National Herald Tribune
and my question is . . . How?

Does the pope masturbate?

If the pope does in fact masturbate,
who does he think of? Mother Teresa?
Rihanna? Justin Bieber?

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  1. While ur questions are unique...They seem to me self explanitory....

  2. Well aren't you lucky then.;)

    1. Hahahaha...exactly. I'd love for everything to be self-explanatory. Suzy Menkes' hairstyle reminds me of Cameron Diaz's hair on 'There's Something About Mary' when she thought she applied gel on her hair but it was actually Ben Stiller's (character) cum! Hahaha.

    2. Jesus frigging Christ, you're right!!!!:D That's the exact hair style!!! :D

  3. Number 8 had me chuckling and I was trying to put number 10 out of my mind lol but I won't deny that now you have me thinking about it, I'm curious too. I love the photography hun and those earrings are so cool. I hope you are well hun x

    1. I am, actually. Thanks, dear. I hope all is well on your side of the wire too...

  4. You look small compared to that huge building! I think elephants would get inserted extra tusks so that poachers won't want to kill them for their ivory.

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

    1. Or maybe then they'd take those too. Maybe they'd get bigger trunks so that they'd be able to blow them away.:) I hate poachers, that's no subject to joke about, I suck, I know...

  5. You asked some great and funny questions! I have to admit to having wondered about some of those myself and even though I'm not ready to admit to all of my wonderings you made me laugh. A lot. My fuzzy memory seems to recall a mention of Narwhales somewhere in a horny creature quandary regarding unicorn origins. I wonder what goes through the minds of those having their fashion reported on and critiqued by Susie Menkes? I love your fashionista outfit photos above.


  6. Bahahaha misterbug xD You're so hilarious! Also, as for the guy with all the plugs in his face: what? the? FUCK?? is this real? Who does that? And yes. HOW does he even survive? He obviously can't eat or drink without spilling half of it out his cheek tunnels O.O

    Btw your pictures are amazing, especially this last panorama one! Stunned me quite a bit! <3

    1. Wow, that's, babe. I like todays pictures too actually, I'm quite proud of them...

  7. Thanks for that Peet...now Im picturing the Pope masturbating to Rihanna...FML haha. xx


  8. Well I don't think they'd be related but if you go back to prehistoric, dinosaur times they'd probably be a link between rhinos and unicorns! I reckon they'd get ear implants since elephants like playing with their ears. The bigger and floppier the better! LOL! How about dogs? What do you think they'd get done? BTW I had no idea about Tom Gunn and it makes me LOVE him even more! Plus I want to give him the worlds biggest hug and bake him cookies and serve him tea. That picture actually made me sick and I won't be eating cake anytime soon. Ahhh God that visual of chewed up, saliva dribbling cake pooling out of his cheeks makes me gag.

    All frozen food sucks ass. And by that I mean the packaged kind from supermarkets. Bland and for some reason I can never cook them right. Even in the microwave. I probably have a sucky microwave but still.

    Now don't hate but I don't mind little ole' Suzy. Did you read her article on the circus of blogging. Bitch has got balls and I like that. And the pope masturbating? Well that has gotten the image of that pierced dude out of my mind. Thankfully.

    Hope you had a good easter babes, or a good chocolate eating weekend if you didn't

    1. Oh wait, back to the Suzy part I meant circus of fashion. Duh! ;o)

    2. It would really be cool it the article was on the circus of blogging.:D She's a cool lady, I'm all for being unique, but how did she get to where she's at, that's a puzzle.:)

      And I LOVE those frozen dinners. We have this really amazing company, it's like your grandma cooked it and stuck it in your freezer. Because she loves you.:) It literally tastes like that.:)

  9. wow, that's an amazing location! totally awesome! but number 4.. why did I open this link? why oh why :D that's kind of disturbing and yeah... strange :D I can see you have a lot of important questions on your mind these days :D I would be too lazy to Google them too. but it sure was awesome to read this!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. In addition to the Tim Gunn question: He also said that the AIDS epidemic in the 80s had terrified him from being intimate, so if that's still the case, he probably still hasn't had sex.

    xo Ashley


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