Apr 9, 2014

I'm a Great Believer in Vulgarity

      The world will remember the French born Diana Vreeland as a creative genius, as a larger than life visionary on all things beautiful, as a Harper's Bazaar columnist and fashion editor, as Vogue's editor-in-chief and as Metropolitan Museum of Art's consultant among other things, although I'm sure she would be described with some other adjectives by her two sons (for example detached, cold, emotionally unavailable and workaholic) but she gave her point of view (which she was always more than happy to give) on the matter in one of the following quotes. I have a slight hunch her words on parenting apply to herself as a parent as well as her own parents. And my parents and your parents and our parents' parents as some things never change. Aside from that fundamental truth, I'm sure you'll find some other life axioms bellow and attribute whichever adjectives you'll see fit to the intriguing if not interesting Diana Vreeland. But I'd like to remember her as vibrant. And colorful. And above all forever young. Because she was all that. Definitely my kind of gal.


Artwork: 1, 2, 3
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  1. I like your pants. They are very unique and modern.

    1. Yeah, I absolutely love the pants too. Might you drop a hint on where I could get them?

    2. I got them on eBay about 2 years ago - just look for bandage leggings. And if you need some tips on how to look for stuff on eBay you can check these two posts:

      shoes CLICK

      clothes and accessories CLICK

  2. I love the last quote. I need to travel more.

    xo Ashley

  3. Welcome back babes. I know you never really went away but........quotes are so cool aren't they and even though they are just written words and someone else's words they can still have a massive impact on your mood and life!

    Have a great week hun x

  4. Interesting modern artwork and Diana Vreeland quotes! I think she liked saying provocative things. At first I thought the quote about the bikini being the most important thing since the atom bomb seems bizarre to me taking into consideration the hydrogen bomb testing done at the Bikini Atoll. Then I realised that virtually no time elapsed between between the invention of the bikini in 1946 and the testing of nuclear weapons at the Bikini Atoll in mid 1946. They happened so close together that I'm not sure which came first. Regardless, I'm sure my ideas about the importance of the bikini and the atomic bomb are each far different than her views were. Her view of Prohibition grasped a central cause of its failure nicely. She was quite a character. Are those huge photographs of the abstract graffiti, and prints of the abstract eye painting and of "Clashing" by Clayton Kashuba? I like your modern outfit and how it coordinates with the modern art. You look fabulous.


    1. Thanks, babe! And that artwork is by random people - the links to all of the three paintings is below the last photo.

  5. We all need a splash of bad taste is true. That's what makes fashion "faux pas" so funny and interesting. It's the same when you look back on middle school years, especially 6-7 grade and what you wore. It might not have been the hair dye in pink like some but just one outfit that you remember that makes you cringe. It's very healthy to have made mistakes and some people wouldn't even consider bad taste mistakes. It's just a different way of seeing things.


  6. Oh if I only I could learn a tremendous amount from the maids in my life. Should I ever be in such a position that is! But I do agree with the idea always putting you one step ahead and of course how important the imagination is. I am dying to read her memoir, you've just reminded me of this!


    1. :D I know, I wanna learn from my maids too!!!!:D

  7. These are some awesome quotes by Diana. Ha, the one about people not having a point of view is especially good...so true.
    Sorry for not leaving comments lately, I don't know what was up with my computer, but every time I came to your site it wouldn't load the comment box. Weird.
    Anyway, it's working now!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Nice post!

    ♥ Oxana
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  9. I find her very interesting, I just bought her book and will read once I finish Grace C. one first. As for workaholic, vibrant and being a woman boss those all attributes I want to possess so I am in with her x

  10. Bold, brash, and stunning, as always! You look amazing and I love that painting :)



  11. I'm loving the photography in this post and those splashes of black ink as well. very cool! I think that since I myself am a huge perfectionist I especially enjoy blogs where I can see that the author actually works on her/his posts. I hate it when posts are full of mistakes, photos aren't equally layered and so on. but anyway, I totally enjoyed those quotes you've chosen to share. great inspiration!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. :D I thought I wast the only one who notices that pictures aren't all aligned right.:D But don't you agree - being a perfectionist is HUGE pain in the ass...

  12. Why did you bother? I'm a mental obsessed geek and I read all posts but it doesn't mean that i was expecting you to do it too. I think you are awesome. Anyway thank you very much for your time =)

    There are many quotes that have surprised me. Interestingly, my favorites are all of the first part:
    "Give them what they never knew they wanted" it's a very smart thought for marketing.
    "No taste is what I'm against". yeah! me too! I prefer bad taste rather than another "grunge girl" with a plaid shirt on her waist.
    "you do not have to be born beautiful to be wildy attractive" (applause)

    Extremely wise women

    Where do the paintings on pics come from?


    1. I wanted to do that, you crazy!!! If I didn't, I wouldn't, worry not.;)

      And the paintings are linked below the last photo.


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