Apr 18, 2014

Inspiration Exists, But . . .

      In my book, there's only one compliment that can top you make Carmen Electra look like a baboon's anus or Stephen Hawking sounds like Homer Simpson in comparison to your brilliant genius and that's to be called inspiring. That's why I was really taken aback and over the moon when the two lovely ladies from Petite Maison of Fashion nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. At first I thought it was a joke, but it's not and you can check that out for yourself here.
      That being said, I'm not the biggest fan of awards (because I don't think I deserve any) but I still wanted to make a post about it to thank Miki and Emma so I'm going to treat this as a tag since one of the things you have to do in order to receive this award entails sharing seven facts about yourself. Even though you can get a pretty clear idea of what kind of person I am from reading my blog, I think I can still come up with some non-boring facts about myself. At least I'll try. But before I go into that — thanks, ladies, for nominating me, you definitely made me giddy like a 13-year-old girl at a Bieber concert. I almost threw my panties at the screen.
      And now, the seven facts.

SEVEN: I've never played Angry Birds. Nope, not even once. I don't think I even know what the game's about. I don't have any games on my phone or any other apps for that matter, none, I'm old-school as fuck. I'm one step away from texting you with smoke signals. Or sending a dove.

SIX: At almost 28 (which is — let's face it — basically 30), I still pick my nose. Now try and think of the two most disgusting things one could do with a booger. I do them both.

FIVE: When I was five, I had a speech impediment and one day I walked to the speech therapist's office in my kindergarten and told her to fix me because I wasn't going to live my life like that. The therapist later told my parents I was the only kid to ever come to her office on her own and demand service. Talk about taking charge. At five.

FOUR: I've had a total of eleven piercings (or artificial holes for morons as my father loves to call them) and none of them was in my belly button. I thought that was too much of a cliché. While getting a bunch of piercings as a teenager isn't, duh.

THREE: I don't have any fillings in my teeth, not one. I've been cleaning my teeth diligently since forever, I'm a tiny bit of a dental freak and one of the first things I notice about a person is his or her teeth.

TWO: When I was a kid, I used to go around our apartment building and hug trees during the winter because I felt sorry for them for standing out in the cold so I wanted to warm them up. I was 100 % sure trees had feelings and can think and communicate (we're just too dumb to understand them) and I actually still think that. And as it turns out, I was right.

ONE: I bungee jumped. And I did canyoning and hydrospeed and zorbing. And I can't wait to try zip-lining.

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  1. What a great post sweetie! I love your pictures too!

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  2. omg you cut your hair!!! Isn't it the best thing ever? I want it so short I want a pixie cut now!


  3. You certainly are inspiring!
    Haha, and at five, that is so awesome that you marched in there and took control. I love that :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Wow Peet.. to looks at your photos and read your thoughts is makes me inspired!!! you are a true artist!!!
    Loved the contract between the classy feminine look and the edgy place - you look great!! high pants and a cropped top are a winning team!!


  5. I loved to read this. Your thoughts are weird in a awesome way! and therefore kinda inspiring. Your combination of text and pictures is amazing.

  6. HELLO! It feels like I haven't been on your blog in ages!
    And let me tell you totally deserve this award and if "inspirational" is at the top of your list of compliments, "hilarious" is at the top of mine. And lady, you are both of these!
    It's so cool that you bungee jumped! In fact, prior to reading number 1, I never realised how outdoorsy you are and that just makes you even more amazing!


  7. Hi Peet! Well done for the award, you totally deserve it! For me, you not only are a great writer but also artist, your post and photos are always very creative and original! Btw, reading your blog from a while now, is like I figure how you are but Im always happy to discover more about u! Oh, I have 7 piercings, as already told you, one is on my belly button lol! I was so excited when I did it..! (The ache a bit less!:P). I neither played Angry Birds, not too much into those games. You were a sweet kid to hug trees, I had the same thought too but about animals. And, now tell me you did bungee jumping and zorbing?! You rock!:)

    My dear Peet, wish you a very happy Easter, may it be filled with fun and joy with all ur loved ones and ur sweet dog. Yes yes, in case I see the Easter bunny will say hi to u, but will keep the choco eggs!:P Hugs! xo

    1. I was extra excited for my piercings too but then the pain is a nice surprise.:) They were all pretty tolerable actually. All except one, one hurt like a motherf*.:D

  8. Oh my god, I would have paid money to see you hug trees! That's be the perfect home video that'd go viral, as in "cute little girl feels sorry for the trees". #EarthDay.

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  9. That's a fascinating setting for your photos. Congratulations on being recognised for the very inspiring blogger that you are. I know we have things in common but out of the seven you chose to list I only identify with numbers Seven and Six. I have no clues about "Angry birds". I have a question about fact number six, the nose boogers. Do you prefer the crunchy ones or the chewy ones? I reluctantly threw out the ones I had saved in a spice jar for baking because I figured they must be past whatever expiration date they should have had. You already know many facts about me. Recently I was stalked by some threatening trolls. They threatened to get me banned from all fashion sites if I didn't stop posting and commenting. They didn't like me or the subjects of my blog and YouTube, and false flagged me until Twitter suspended my account. One posted under the name "buggedout", another under the name "HelloKitty" and one of them even commented under the name "TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow". The sudden suspension of my Twitter made me livid and I demanded Twitter reinstate my account and apologise. They have not so far. xoJanedotcom removed the nasty threatening comment troll replies and threats but they have Disqus accounts and apparently can't be blocked.
    Another thing we don't have in common: You don't have fillings in your teeth, while I don't have many teeth to have fillings.
    I love your hair, lipstick, eyes, and translucent crop top with the white bra.


    1. I saw they suspended your account and I thought some shit had to happen but I didn't imagine all of this. How come people have the time to do such vicious and stupid things? I'd never sacrifice my time to be mean, I have more important things to do. And I don't want to be mean anyway! So sorry to hear trolls have been harassing you, dear ... I hope all is back to normal soon!

  10. Great post, and stunning photos I like you new hair style.


  11. Yaayy you switched on the comments for your posts again! So good! I hope your little fur ball is feeling much better? The poor little thing.

    I LOVE the photos and how you incorporated the quotes. I agree on the fact that genius does not depend on education.

    As for the facts about you: you did zorbing?? Haha that#s so cool! I didn't even know that's the name for it, but it's definitely something i would love to do! :D

    1. Zorbing rocks. Seriously. If you ever get a chance to do it - go for it!:)

      And yes, fartball is getting better. His health (as well as his farts) is getting stronger every day.

  12. amazing pictures
    ----> tr3ndygirl fashion blog <----

  13. Hugging trees to keep them warm in winter--now, that's inspirational! And that makes you deserving of your award :D Congrats! I thought I was bit off my face as a child talking to flowers and teaching them ABC's. You're inspirational in your own right coz you just say what you think with a barrage of cuss words to match. I'd love to see you throw panties (doesn't have to be yours) at Bieber. I hate him. Hahaha. Don't play any games on my phone, too. Can't be bothered. And yeah, I'm also obsessed with teeth. I have 3 different types of interdental brush and stricly floss on gym days. Hahaha. Anyway, thanks for sharing this, and THANK YOU for your comments on my posts you missed. Glad Leos is getting back to his old self! And very glad your comment box is open again. Happy Easter whether you celebrate it or not (I don't, but I wish we have more Easter Sundays than Christmas break coz break from work is longer and this time of the year is warmer, so it's just better to hang out). xxx

    1. I like Easter for the food, those chocolate eggs rock.:D So I guess bring on the Easterness.;)

      And thanks for the sweet compliments and kind words, babe.

  14. cool place and necklace dear :D

  15. congrats, Petra, you totally deserved the award. totally. I always love reading those facts about my fave bloggers. by the way, number 7 is so me. my phone is for calling and sometimes texting but not for playing and whatever they do whit their phones these days. I have never tried any apps and well, why should I? I think it's pretty annoying how some people "must" play with their phones all the time, they just can't let the phone go for a second.
    anyway, the location of your photos is wonderful again! abandoned building and other places are the coolest locations ever!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. I always think it's so funny when people sit together at a restaurant or at a bar and they don't talk to each other but browse through their phone... Why bother even going out then?:)

  16. Yup, you deserve an award for you blog .. it's the most unique blog I've ever come across :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com


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