Apr 2, 2014

Things I Don't Get Part 12

      You probably already know what the today's post is all about. But if you don't, you can check the first post of the series here and the rest of it here to catch up. And since this is the 12th post already, you have plenty of catching up to do — so get to it.
    — I don't get why some people (mostly woman) are against licking their partner's anus when they're more than ok with licking their penis or vagina. You'd lick the hole that urine comes out of but not feces? You're going to be picky when it comes to that? Really?

    — Surrogate mothers. I don't get how anyone can do that. It can be a very noble act but I get attached to the straw they bring me with my cocktail at a bar and a little piece of me dies when they take it away and I know I'll never see it again, so how come they don't get attached to a person that's been living inside them for months and moths and then they just give it away. I don't know, that whole concept to me is just wrong. Some people aren't meant to have children. The end. Leave that sci-fi exploitation of nature and science for movies. Or adopt. There's plenty of children who need a new set of parents in the world.

    — Why they design boxer briefs for women with a stitch running down the middle? I wear thongs during the day and I have no problem with those, but at night I have to wear boxers and sometimes I wake up and it's like I've put on my thongs on backwards and went to bed because that stitch flosses my vagina like it's a set of teeth. And I don't think any woman wants that.

    — Why do hairdressers iron your bangs before they cut them? I'm not going to iron them every day when I get home, so it's going to get fucked up the first time I wash my hair. Why not just cut it how it falls, that would make much more sense.

    — Why do parent's buy designer clothes for their toddlers? They'll outgrow the damn onesie before you even cut off the extremely absurd price tag. Got too much money? Give it to someone who needs it to buy clothes, not labels.

    — Cricket. I don't get cricket. I'm not too big on sports anyway, but cricket is definitely at the top of the sports I don't get. Did you know that the longest cricket match was played for 105 hours??? I get bored after 3 minutes of soccer, I can't imagine sitting through a 105-hour-long game of cricket. Unless there's beer and junk food. In which case sign me up. Gooooo cricket!!!!! 

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