May 31, 2014

Sex in the Animal Kingdom: Interesting, Weird and Cool Facts — Part 3

      This is the third and last installment of the Sex in the Animal Kingdom posts. When I started browsing the Internet for interesting facts about various animal species' sex life, I found a myriad of cool bits and bobs about the topic and I couldn't just shove everything into one single post so I've broken it down into three separate articles (feel free to check number one and/or two if you've missed it/them). As a matter of fact, I could've made a full-on series regarding the topic, but I'll stop at number three and call this a short and sweet sex mini-series — all in all, who doesn't like a quickie? So without any further foreplay, here are the last ten engrossing facts about zoological copulation as well as orifices and excrescences one needs to procreate with. In case I've lost you, I'm talking about sex and dicks and stuff. Enjoy.

       To all of those who stopped by yesterday to read the Friday post, I apologize for the delay, I won't make a habit out of this, I promise. Anyhow, don't forget to share and follow FPS via Twitter, Bloglovin and/or Google+ to get the latest updates. But most importantly, do come by again sometimes — posting days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so hopefully see you then!



  1. I feel like all of those animals are hermaphrodites and are all as weird as the next ones! You could go on and on about each animal.
    I really like your pants in the pictures, they go with the animal kingdom theme ;)

    xoxo, ♥

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  3. Hahah i love this series! These facts are too good! How have you been Peet? Long time!

  4. OK i've watched the flatworms video. Now I feel like a weirdo watching flatworms porn (not cool ! I mean if you had to think how pathetic I am and caught me watching this, how much worse vould it be ?)

  5. Sea hares? Well I couldn't have believed it until I seen it and damn! And banana slugs! WTF! I think I need to see video proof of this - then again, do I? Because that flatworm video! Yuck! LOL! Seriously WTF! And geez, great to hear sexism exists in the animal kingdom. Whoever loses gets to do the "womanly" thing. Yeah, someone forget to tell them about girl power no? Then again, maybe sex for them is all about penis gratification. No foreplay I guess. Then again the dude said during their fight they sustain injuries and shit. Maybe that's a form of foreplay for them? S&M? But looks like the lizards have it made and totally figured out. And bees! Damn, talk about monogamy!

    Oh and obviously Bonobos have it made, they probably should have been the ones to evolve - not us. Can you imagine that world though?

  6. Oh hell. We are all a bunch of weirdos. Just look at those bees. I see Blair Wardoff being called a queen bee in a completely different light now.

  7. I love these posts- so informative and hilarious! I've heard a bit about banobos- super interestesting! And a mating chain? Sounds like a party :)


  8. hi hun!
    I`m here the first time, and i really love it! is amazing!! your style is unique!!! <3333 i love it!!

    tell me what about follow each other?? Let me know please if you start and I inmediatly follow your back favour!! :)

    have a great day!!
    xoxo from Spain

  9. exellent post, have a good week

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