Jun 4, 2014

Closing Up Shop

      Just like the picture says, I'm taking a blogging vacation so for the next two to four weeks I won't be posting anything new. Or old.
      This thing you're currently looking at has started to feel like work because it takes up A LOT of my time — on the days that I post I basically do nothing else so there isn't much time left for my actual paying job that's why I end up catching up on my work work on weekends which means I'm stuck in front of my computer 10+ hours a day 7 days a week and I'm starting to resent it. Trust me, too much work and no play makes Peet  a dull gal  a miserable bitch. And besides, if Richie Hawtin can take three months off every year (and let's just say his job is a tad more entertaining than mine), I think I can take a couple of weeks off from blogging after a year and a half of posting diligently, because I really can't take any time off from my job. But just to throw a short math lesson into the mix, one year and a half amounts to 18 months a.k.a. 72 weeks a.k.a. 246 posts so I think there's plenty of stuff for you to read or re-read while I'm gone.
      Don't worry, I still have plenty of posts left in me since there's still a lot on my chest I need to get off, so there will be a new update in the near future, I'm just not sure when (no later than four weeks from now though). Therefore, just in case there's any of you out there who already can't wait for that day to come, your best bet is to follow FPS via Google+, Twitter, Bloglovin or email so you'll be notified immediately when that update shows up. Or you can simply keep coming back every day and keep my view-count up, it's up to you.
      Till then — so long and thanks for all the fish.

      P. S.: Just so you know, that last bit is a quote, I'm not just being weird (at least not any weirder than I usually am). But I'm not telling you where it's from, you'll have plenty of time to figure it out on your own if you're interested. Cheers!