Jun 2, 2014

Things I Don't Get Part 14

      There isn't much to say for an overture. It's Things I Don't Get part 14. You can find the rest of the TIDG posts here, a short explanation behind the series here and the latest list of things I don't get below.

  1. Scare attractions. Why would anyone pay money to get scared?
  2. Strawberry blond. How the fuck can a strawberry be blond? It can't and you're not blond. That's brown. Or red. Not blond. Period.
  3. Mules. Slip on heels, really? Those shoes are death traps. Or at least an instant broken ankle. Walking in slip on high heels is like trying to hit a pinata with a chain saw — not that smart.
  4. What's with all the hype around blonds? Because blond hair is less common than let's say brown hair? Natural redheads are pretty uncommon too, why isn't a red-haired green-eyed woman the sex symbol cliché?
  5. How come people who decide to have plastic surgery can't stop before they look like a generic plastic alien version of themselves? I was really shocked when I saw Madonna out of all people looking more and more like the bride of Wildenstein. What's wrong with looking your age? Would you rather look over-25, which is what you are, or would you rather look desperate, which is what people after countless procedures look like?
  6. I know the award season is over, but I was just thinking about this recently: How come people come on stage to receive an award and then go 'ummm' and 'erm' for two minutes? You know you were nominated, so prepare something just in case. Better than going up there as if Rain Man walked on stage.
  7. How come women voluntarily get breast implants? If you have to consider breast augmentation due to some disease, I get that, but merely out of vanity? Sorry, no. Breasts are there not just to LOOK good, but to FEEL good too (not to mention that those two functions even aren't what the boobs are essentially for) so if someone told me: "Hey, I can make your boobs humongous but there's a chance you won't feel a thing if someone sucks on your nipple, how about that?" I'd definitely say: "Well, fuck you very much, but no fuck you."
  8. How come people just leave shopping carts in the middle in the parking lot? If you can't carry your groceries to your car and you have to wheel them across the parking lot, fine, do that, but then take the cart back, don't be a lazy ass.
  9. Why are people complaining about dogs shitting on green surfaces? I get that it's not cool if they shit on sidewalks but what's wrong with a little bit of poop on grass? But then you see people flicking their cigarette buds all over the place and those don't decompose that easily. Or even better yet, then you see people BUYING manure which is basically SHIT so their grass and flowers would grow but God forbid some dog would defecate on their precious little stupid lawn.
  10. This song. Do. Not. Get. It. Here, read the lyrics. In all honesty, if I ever meet a girl like that, I'll petition for her sterilization. People like that should not be allowed to procreate. Fucking waste of oxygen.

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  1. I agree with all of them except number 1 and 7. I love love love scary rides and can't wait to go to more theme parks this summer. I went to Orlando for my 30th partly for the rides. If I wasn't scared of things going wrong I would get boob implants yesterday. I just think they make women look more feminine (i have quite a masculine frame anyway) and certain clothes just fit and look better, in my opinion....... not talking about a ridiculous size, just a very ample handful.

    1. See, but you are kind of agreeing with me — you and me would both get a boob job if there were not possible complications. I'm not saying that bigger breasts (natural or otherwise) don't have some benefits to them, they do and I get that. What I don't get it that people choose visual benefits over sensory ones. I'd never get a boob job for my boobs to look fuller when there's a chance I would lose sensitivity, I don't get how something that LOOKS good outweighs something that FEELS good. As for the scary rides ... you're just crazy.:D

  2. Your posts make my day, this is my second fav series of yours. Fav one is boyfriend comments in clothes.
    I agree with so many, omg mules, they are beyond my understanding
    No boobs, cannot even think that and I want to kill people who complains boy people shitting on grass
    Have a great week

  3. mules. stupidest thing ever. really hate them. i dont even know how some woman can walk in this stupidity.
    and dog poop, really ... isnt such a nice thing when you step on that bomb. on sidewalk you can avoid it ... more easily

  4. You can get fined if you get caught flicking cigarettes out of cars or on the floor in the UK.


    I've been thinking of stealing this type of post and doing a 'things I don't get about America' one haha.


  5. Actually I was wearing Mules like FOREVER and nothing wrong ever happened. I started having problems with flats and sneakers (pretty recently). I guess it's a matter of habits. Now I can't wear mules anymore cause I'm not used to it anymore ^^ I tried some today and it didn't feel safe at all. I was wondering how I managed to wear them for decades

  6. I definitely agree with you about nominations. Just prepare a speech and say it!

    "So I'd like the thank the Academy and my mom. I'd like to thank Peet for her wonderful blog that gave me inspiration and laughter when I needed it. I'd like to thank all of my fiends *sobs because she can't believe she won* and umm.... errr... WOW *wipes away tears* Thank you!"

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  7. I don't heel like mules too! I know if I were that I would fall om the first seconds! HAHA

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

  8. I completely agree with all of these. Good lord I have missed your humor. I've been away for a while but I'm back! I can't wait to get back on the horse and catch up with everyone I've missed.

  9. Let's just say if I were to win an award, you bet your ass I'd be umming and ahhing all through that speech lol! I'd probably prepare something but I'd get total stage fright and forget my stuff and probably even shit my pants. Ok maybe not, or lets hope I NEVER do! Man could you imagine? O_O

    I need to move on from that because I'll give myself nightmares for life! Dog shit actually doesn't decompose or is bad for soil and stuff. I think. I can vaguely remember a lesson in my geography class back in high school and someone mentioned dog shit. But I agree with you about cigarette butts. Those fuckers flick and toss wherever the fuck they want and people don't do squat. But God forbid a little dog craps on the grass! People suck.

  10. Shopping carts in the middle of parking lots are my pet peeve too! Takes so little effort to put them away. And bag plastic surgery- man, I don't get it! Thought provoking, as always! :)



  11. Mules. Ugh. Im also seeing Bermuda shorts everywhere at the mo - WTF? They are hideous. I also totally agree with the plastic surgery, do people realise how retarded they can look and how fake? Retards! As much as my tiny titties annoy me I couldn't imagine having something FAKE in my body....gives me the heeby geebies! xx


  12. hey, you! long time no see. this time I agree with pretty much everything you have pointed out but especially 5, 7, 8, 10. my boobs are really small but I actually like them that way. I really do. and I don't feel like something is missing. so when I see those plastic sugery boobs, way too huge and ugly, then it's just disgusting :P I know many girls like (?) those watermelons but yeah, I can't get it why oh why? same thing about other surgeries that make people look crazy bad. I think that when someone has too much money and they think they're going to look young forever they start doing stuff like that because without money you can't do it ;) or there's just something wrong with their brain, who knows...
    anyway, I also read about your blogging pause and I totally get what you're saying. I haven't posted very often lately and when I do post then it takes time, a lot of it. I just can't put something up, this something has to be almost perfect in my eyes. we'll see how it goes but I wish you all the best during that hiatus. and give your fluffy friend a treat from me. I'm going to miss posts about him...

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. I concur completely with 7 out of 10 of these and the other three I'm feeling guilty about.
    I'd better write a note to myself on that 6th one. If I ever won an award I can easily imagine either seeming the Rain Man or babbling incoherently interspaced with uhs and ums. Come to think of it I should write and memorize scripts for my YouTube lingerie-outfit review videos and practice not saying uh and um.
    I confess to having done the 8th one with the shopping cart before. I used the excuse of it being hot and having frozen food to travel some distance with. .
    I also confess to the 9th one - grumbling about the dog poo after I unobservantly stepped in it while cutting the lawn.
    Other than those the things you don't get are pretty baffling.


    1. P.S.: I've been amazed at how much time, stimulating thought, artistry and work you put into your blog on top of having an "actual paying job to do". It's phenomenal - so obliviously I totally understand your "For Peet's Sake: Closing Up Shop" sign for the blog for a little while. I'm amazed you've blogged as much as you have. I hope you have a delightful, interesting break from blogging!

  14. Breast implants. Where do I even begin? I just don't get it. Truth me told, I've never not had breasts - thank-you early development - so I suppose I don't know how it feels to be an A cup but honestly, I would gladly give away a few of the sizes I currently have and be perfectly happy. The idea of augmenting... and especially the idea of augmenting because it looks better (when in reality it most often looks ridiculous) is just totally beyond my comprehension.

  15. Haha David Letterman and Jerry Seinfeld would be proud. Too funny and true.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  16. Sorry to hear you won't be posting! I hope you come back feeling more refreshed though =)

    Corinne x

  17. agree with everything you just posted! I mean what exactly does strawberry blonde hair look like right? lol



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