Jul 16, 2014

I Wonder . . . #6

      One of my friend's best friend is a unicorn. Yes, a unicorn. His name is Charlie and he's a badass unicorn. He truly can be a lean mean vicious machine sometimes and I think he might have inseminated my brain with his glow in the dark magical unicorn sperm, because I have spurts upon spurts of little tiny unicorns on my mind — literally — and that's probably why unicorns appear in this edition of the I Wonder series so many times. But if unicorns just aren't your cup of rainbow, you can always try reading the previous I Wonder post or any of the rest from the series for a less unicorn-strewn entry. As for this post here, you've been warned so don't get mad — hashtagunicorninvasion. And while we're on the topic, I'm seriously contemplating getting my own unicorn best friend too, you know, so I'll have someone to carry me around and to talk to when I'm metamorphosing from my solid state into the liquid one. If you catch my drift. But you probably don't and see, that's exactly why I need my own special unicorn friend.

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