Jul 25, 2014

May the Foreskin Be with You

      A couple of days ago, I was aimlessly going over my mom's book shelves and stopped when I came across The Penis Book. Seriously, that's the title. The Penis Book. On the cover, it has a big, long, thick, hard, yellow (didn't expect that one, didn't you?) banana and on the back there's this naked dude holding a copy of The Penis Book right in front of his . . . banana. I immediately snatched it off the shelf, I think it was an involuntary reflex, much like blinking. Anyhow, one of the first things I read was: Ever wondered what hospitals do with a baby's foreskin once it's been removed? I have to admit, I wonder quite a bit on a daily basis but I'd never thought about where all the foreskins went, so I was more than happy to sit down with The Penis Book and read away.

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