Sep 12, 2014

Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like - Part 17

      Boy. Things My Boyfriend Doesn't Like Part SEVENTEEN. There's this inkling on the far and dark outskirts of my mind that when you sum all of these up, he might simply just not like me, it sure seems like it so who knows . . . But I do know for a fact, judging by his latest comments, that he thinks I have a whole costume shop worth of clothes in my wardrobe. Fun.

      I was over the moon when I found this shirt, I've been looking for something white and flowy for a while and as it turned out, I would be better off still looking according to my boyfriend:
      "You're kidding, right? Just say that you're kidding with this shirt."
      "Why??" I said confused.
      "I mean . . . You look like a pirate."
      A pirate? Really? In all honesty, I think I don't look anything like Seinfeld in his pirate shirt, far from it!

       The second  costume  item of this TMBDL post is this bat-wing cardigan from eBay, which I think is extra cool and stylish, but who am I to know anything about these things, my boyfriend is apparently the true connoisseur here. This humble opinion was: "That's like something Batman would wear around the house." Cool, an off-duty Batman uniform, I can work with that.

       And the last but not least is this striped shirt dress from TwoWay. A. k. a. a prisoner's nightgown, if you ask my boyfriend. Well . . . At least I won't have any trouble finding a costume next time Halloween comes around.

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