May 20, 2015

Confessions - Dear Diary

     So, OK. I know I've said at some point a long long time ago, I didn't like dear-diary-esque posts, but since I haven't posted a single thing in over 8 months, I think an explanation or some confessions are in order. I'll try and make this as non-weepie as possible since I'm at a much happier place at the moment than I'd ever thought was even possible. There's actually only one thing missing in my life and that's my best friend. My doppelganger. My pooch. Why is he missing? Because he'd fallen ill (even more than he already was) and now he's dead. Or because I've killed him, depending on how you look at things.
     My boyfriend keeps saying I'm a moron for looking at things this way but fuck it, calling my dog's euthanasia (which I decided on) a murder (which I'm fully and solely responsible for) is my prerogative and I'm not letting go of that even though I have let go of him. Anyhow. Speaking of my boyfriend, I have a new one. After 8 and a half years, we had called it quits with my previous (so-many-times-here-on-the-blog-mentioned) one and this really is all there is to say about that. On top of this, I've moved to another city one 50-minute drive away from the city where I'd lived all my life.
     I know there's a chance you don't think that's a big deal since most Americans on average daily commute for 25 minutes, most Chinese for 40 minutes and most Brits for 45 (statistic facts), so one wee hour shouldn't seem too much of a hustle to drive every day or to move away and I couldn't agree with you more, it's not. But there's a bunch of people who steadfastly stand by their belief that one should never ever EVER move. NEVER. Not even onto bigger and better things. And not even to wake up every morning to


       I'm not one of those people.
      Although, you have to know one more statistic fact: you can cross my country in a car in about 3 hours, so I basically moved halfway across the country on my own and all of this went down in November. Yes, all of this. That's why I officially dub November of 2014 the most horrific, most abominable, most dreadful, most fucked up month in the history of time (and I was born in the year Chernobyl got nuked, mind you). And as cheesy as I thought (and in fact still think) those motivational quotes are, there were a few that actually helped me to keep a stiff upper lip during those times and I'm posting them below. Why? I don't know. Maybe just for the sake of the fact that sharing is supposed to be caring, so here:

      And then December came. In December — much to my surprise — things started turning for the better and started turning fast. We have an awesome saying in Slovene: man keeps turning, but life turns. And it couldn't be truer. Now I have everything I'd hoped and thought I had but didn't and more than I'd ever imagined it was even realistic to wish for. I short, I moved. On to bigger and better things.

      This was just an explanatory post to get my feet wet again, the following ones won't be as annoying as this one, cross my heart. You're welcome to stop by again next week to see if things are indeed back to normal, so hope to see you on Wednesday. From now on, I'll just be posting once a week and that's probably going to be Wednesdays, but I'm not signing and sealing that in blood so your best bet is to follow FPS via email (or Twitter, Bloglovin or Google+) to never miss an update. Or simply stop by again sometimes!