Jul 20, 2015

Once Upon a Time . . .

     P.S.: Just so you know, I didn't write the words above, that's a quote from Kralji Ulice (Kings of the Street), a Slovene street newspaper, I actually have plenty to say but it's too damn hot for me to sit behind my computer more than I really really (as in job-really) have to. It's too damn hot for taking pictures too, because I do not enjoy skipping about and loitering outside when it's 36 fucking degrees Celsius (97 degrees Fahrenheit) so I was postponing the dreaded torture till yesterday when I finally bit the bullet. And I, in retrospect, think that taking an actual bullet in-between my teeth might have been more pleasant.
     As soon as I set up my tripod, a swarm of mosquitoes attacked me and six of them bit me instantaneously and simultaneously and very much annoyingously. I successfully swatted four of them and was thus awarded with four bloody splodges on me. Even more annoying(ous?)ly though, my boyfriend was standing right next to me and none, NONE of the blood-thirsty insectile assailants bit him. NONE. I guess mosquitoes don't like him. Or maybe they actually do and they just really hate me. But either way, I persevered and started taking pictures and with every second passed, I — much like mosquitoes — started hating me too.
     Stupid sweat poured out of my every stupid pore, under that stupid hat felt like in a stupid pressure cooker, the stupid hair stuck to my stupid neck, the stupid shirt stuck to my stupid back, the stupid grass was itching me like  stupid  crazy and the stupid ice in the stupid drink melted too damn fast for me to take the stupid picture that I, stupid, wanted. And when I finally decided to just fucking skin myself to fight the heat, I noticed that the skin was actually already dripping off of my elbow and I thought to myself: "Good, I'll just wait and evaporate right here and be done with this shit."
     That didn't happen, (un)fortunately, so I ended up with these pictures and some of them I even kind of  like  don't mind, but I'm not, I repeat am NOT spending another x amount of hours writing stuff I want to write about because my brain is literally oozing out of my ears thanks to this fucking heat wave, so I'm just dashing off this mindless babble because this takes me 10 minutes whereas anything else takes me several hours but I'm not sure I'd make it that long because I might just die of dehydration or evaporation or palpitation or perspiration or any of the other ations and since I'd die I wouldn't be able to finish what I started but I hate leaving things half done so I'm just writing this instead of anything else and you see I'm just going on and on about nothing because I can't fucking think. So I'm stopping. Here. Now.
     The end.
     Just so you know.

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