Aug 26, 2015

Dear Dea's Diary: Part 2

     I don't know if you know this or not (but you definitely should (and if you follow me on Twitter you probably already do)), but today is International Dog Day. So can I get a woof woof for all of the doggies, please? WOOF WOOF. Thank you. But to continue in the spirit of this glorious day, I'm letting Dea take over FPS with not only one but two old entries from her doggie diary. Who's Dea you ask? Here, read this post and you'll be up to speed in no time. But if you already know (or THINK you know, I should say) all about her, please, continue reading and enjoy intruding into her privacy, you sicko.

     Thanks for stopping by and looking and reading (obviously) my mishmash jumble of cascading torrent of pot-pourri-like craziness, it means the world to me. Therefore, you're welcome to pop by again next week to see what's new on the blog, so hope to see you back on Wednesday since Wednesday's the designated FPS day. But beware, I'm not signing and sealing that in blood so your best bet is to follow FPS via email (or Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram or Google+) to never miss an update. Or simply come by again sometimes!