Sep 11, 2015

I Wonder - Part 7

      I took a swim yesterday, probably the last one for this year, and had some time to think about this and that, mostly about a lot of shit I find funny. Like for example, funny how many people WITH kids lately told me I'm smart for deciding not to have children. Or funny how people are reachable and available when they need something from you but they apparently move to the Bermuda Triangle when you want something from them. Or funny how everything seems so much better here at the seaside without the swarms of tourists crawling everywhere (sorry, tourists). There really is a lot, A LOT of things I find extremely funny, almost to the point of being hilarious, but since this isn't the 'Funny . . .' series but the 'I wonder . . .' one, I'm going to list some of the things I've been wondering about while watching the sail boats roll by, listening to the waves and catching some of the last late summer rays. If you're new to FPS or the 'I Wonder . . .' series, you can check the first one out here and the rest of them here. Enjoy. Or not. But hopefully you do, so let's find out — here's the newest I Wonder list.

How can you tell if a smurf is choking? You can't exactly wait for him to turn blue, can you?

Did Clark Kent have x.ray vision? I know Superman did, but did Clark have it also?

Would a snail dig itself out if you bury it reasonably (from a snail's perspective) deep? Can you or can't you bury a snail alive?

Are blonds supposedly dumb because they're blond or are they blond because they're dumb? It's like with the chicken and the egg — what came first, the blond or the stupid?

People who are born as hermaphrodites, do they compete as male or female if they take part in, let's say, the Olympic Games?

Is Camelot actually just a parking lot for camels?

Does Carl Cox say 'Yes, oh, yes!' when he's having sex?

What's the deal with albino pandas? Are they all white, are they all black, in which case, are they still pandas?? Or are they just polar bears? What if all 'pandas' are just polar bears in disguise??? 

What's the male equivalent of Hello Kitty? Snoopy? Spider-Man? Spider-Pig?

How come they've invented a pill for alcoholism, but not for a hangover. I would most certainly prefer the latter.


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