Sep 19, 2015

You Say Conservative, I Say Stupid

      I consider myself to be a very liberal and tolerant person who values tolerance basically above everything else, thus the only thing I absolutely cannot stand – or tolerate, I should say – is intolerance of others by other. So yes, in other words, I’m intolerant of the intolerant because they are not tolerant while I pride myself on being – tolerant. Sounds like a paradox, right? Well, it is, a paradox of tolerance to be exact, as some other wiseass called Karl Popper – luckily for me – already expatiated upon. He also said something about us, the tolerant, having the right not to tolerate the intolerant in order for us to defend a tolerant society against the invasion of the intolerance, which basically just means that we – or in this very specific case, me – can and should call out and cuss out every sectarian, racist, xenophobe, homophobe and any other stereotype instigating or promoting prejudice motherfucker. And I just fucking love that – THANK YOU, Karl Popper.
     This sure does seem like a good time to be thanking Mr. Popper too as well as talking about tolerance since there’s been an abundance of opportunities for people to be intolerant lately – herd of any refugee related news these past few days? If you don’t live under a rock, you probably did, but either way, don’t worry this won’t turn into a current-affairs-covering segment, it will be a much more straightforward look at a liberal versus conservative standpoint so let’s first cover the basis.
     According to Longman's Dictionary of Contemporary English, conservative is an adjective describing someone who doesn't like changes or new ideas (as, for example, black people have the right to vote, gay people are allowed to get married, the Aborigines  have the right to own land, women have the right to an abortion, etc.), while someone who is liberal is, by definition, willing to understand and respect other people's ideas, opinions, and feelings, as well as supports or allows gradual political and social changes. As I've already said, I'm definitely leaning towards the liberal – and hence tolerant – end of the spectrum. That does not mean that, to tie in with the aforementioned refugees, I believe we should just open the floodgates, turn the blind eye to them and accept anyone and everyone with open arms. 'Liberal' isn't a synonym for 'anarchistic' so calling oneself liberal does't mean that anything goes regarding whatever the issue in question may be, but, please, people, there's a difference between refuge influx regulation and downright xenophobia or racism, there is a difference between having an opinion and being just a closed-minded segregationist trying to put up walls and fences and incinerating everything that’s left on the other side. And since this refugee crisis emerged and the entire Europe is ‘under attack’, I've sure heard a lot of bullshit along those latter lines lately …
     'But so be it,' I simply thought to myself whenever I came across an ignorant comment like that, ‘just forgive them, Peet, for they do not know what they do,’ reminding myself that even Churchill, who supposedly said the famous string of the following words, ‘If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain,’ was in fact himself a conservative at 15 and a liberal at 35, which just corroborates the findings of a certain study claiming that people become more tolerant and liberal with age – not necessarily ‘fully liberal’ but definitely less conservative and more acceptant of otherness. So I’d consoled myself thinking, ‘They’ll come to their senses with age, fuck it, let’s tolerate the intolerant until they join our far more loving and diverse (and thus way cooler) bandwagon.’ But just a few days ago that theory was shot to shit when my grandfather dearest called me just to tell me to lock my door at all times because he had just seen four – and please, pardon his word and keep in mind that he said it, not me – niggers walk by his house.
     So it seems that age plays little (to no) importance when it comes to making someone liberal as opposed to being conservative – so what does then? And that’s when I remembered a neat little article I read a while back which comes in really handy here and now, clearing this whole mess up perfectly, talking about a research which, in a nutshell, showed that the conservative display less cognitive ability (or are – to use a different, much simpler word – dumb) than the liberal. According to the study, people describing themselves as very liberal averaged at 106 IQ, while the very conservative hit the 95 IQ mark. You may think that that’s not a very substantial discrepancy but I have another little fact for you: just ten less IQ points and they’d be pigs (and I’m not trying to be insensitive towards the adorable porkers here, mind you), since pigs are at a level of a human three-year-old whose average IQ is 85. See, ten points do make a difference, a difference between the liberal and pigs to be exact.
     As if that’s not enough, there’s yet another study also claiming that same fact as well as revealing that people with low childhood intelligence grow up to be less tolerant and having racist and anti-gay views. How did they arrive at such a conclusion? They analysed over 15,000 people who underwent intelligence assessment at the age of 10 and 11 and were later at the age of 33 asked if they agree with a series of statements (such as ‘I wouldn't mind working with people from other races’ or ‘I wouldn't mind if a family of a different race moved next door’) and simple math said that to be liberal means that you are smarter. Fuck it.
     That being said, of course some antagonists spruced up forming and advocating an opposing opinion saying that a person’s cognitive ability fully develops only around the age of 14, so the participants were tested too soon, that not enough people were included, that the statements weren’t relevant and yada yada yada blah blah blah, which to me just sounds like a bunch of dumb, I mean conservative people crying wolf because they don’t want to be labeled dumb. Er, then stop being such a narrow-minded bunch of cunts?
     But ok, before I claim my right to insult any more bigots for the sake of tolerance even more fervently, let me hold my horses and admit that world, after all, isn't black and white, of course it’s not. So yes, I'm fully aware that not everyone who’s intolerant is dumb and not everyone who’s tolerant is smart, obviously it’s not that clear-cut. There are some (probably three) people out there who are conservative but still pretty darn clever and I should know, I personally know two of them. But. If, IF the world was in fact black and white, then the liberal would be smart and the conservative would be dumb. Fuck it. So which are you? 

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