Oct 18, 2015

Women Are the Weaker Sex — Yeah, Right

     Today, I'm going to try and keep (well, try definitely being the operative word actually) things short and sweet (well, relatively short actually) because this goes hand in hand (well, dick in hand actually) with today's topic and this is how: Not too long ago, a friend of mine bragged about being extremely well-endowed which I quickly put to a stop saying: "Oh, shut up, I bet my clit is bigger than your dick." So to commemorate the said penis, this will be a short little thingie. Or at least shorter than what's average — here on FPS that is.
     But despite this being a short post, it's been a long time coming, because I've been thinking about it ever since I wrote the PMS post (talking about male, not female PMS, mind you). But to be completely honest, it's been in the making probably even longer, brewing and fermenting ever since I wrote this post on why I think God is a woman. Or since even further back, when I wrote this post saying that girls should rule the world. Or since when I wrote this post way back saying that women always have the power. Or even this post from way back when listing all the reasons why I'm happy to be a woman.
     Come to think of it, I've been bashing men for a really long time and quite frequently here on FPS (daddy issues, I say it loud and I say it proud), but in truth, I love men. Yes, I do. I have a brother whom I admire, two nephews whom I adore, a bunch of guy friends whom I cherish and a boyfriend whom I love — I love men. There's one huge problem though: I'm a girl. And us girls have to stick together because there's strength in numbers and men already have enough power on their hands as it is so no need for me to stroke their egos even more, right? Whereas us poor, gentle, female souls need all the help we can get, since we are the weaker sex after all. Right? Eer, not exactly.
     Women are the weaker sex just as much as pigs fly and I haven't seen too much of those lately. I did see this video, though, of a man lifting a 150 kg (330 lbs) weight and then even dragging a truck with his penis which could imply that pigs can in fact fly, Santa Clause and Snow White exist and women truly are the weaker sex since the world record for vaginal weightlifting is only 14 kg (30 lbs), but that really can't be the case because I have several other — more or less scientific — arguments (ten to be exact) which will make you reconsider that stance and here they are.

     Men in general are more squeamish when it comes to blood. Maybe that's because women are used to dealing with it once a month while they aren't, but they bug out over blood more. And snot too. And spit. And sweat. And cum, most definitely cum. Which is strange because it's their fucking cum. While we SWALLOW the damn thing, no muss, no fuss.

     Men in general don't change diapers, because similarly to blood, snot, spit, sweat or cum, they can't handle poop. Sure, there are some men who sometimes change an occasional coincidental inadvertent diaper, but there also are dogs that can ride bicycles and there was this one dog that even went to the moon. But dogs in general? They don't go to the moon, they don't ride bicycles and they most certainly don't change diapers. Because they're scared of poo.

Childbirth. Need I say more?

     As I've already mentioned here, men in general handle various minor illnesses like fucking pussies while women deal with them like men packing the biggest balls (oxymoron anyone?) and apparently there's a scientific explanation (excuse?) for that: women have stronger immune systems. Why? Because of estrogen. As it turns out that female sex hormone boosts the immune system's first line of attack against bacteria and other invaders, putting us in the lead.

     Men in general stay and live longer with their mommies than women. And that's a statistical fact: in the UK, almost one in three men while one in seven women aged 20 to 34 still live at home and in the US, 40 % of men as opposed to 32 % of women aged from 25 to 31 haven't moved out of their parents' home yet. And I have a feeling, the statistics are along those same lines for other European countries as well. At least that's how I see it.

     Girls in general do better at school than boys. I didn't say that girls are smarter (or that we aren't), I said that girls do better at school, which we are, I mean do, period. Just think back to your primary or high school days, you know I'm right.

There's five times more autism among boys than among girls.

Men are almost twice as likely to have diabetes as women.

     Almost every type of cancer kills more men than women. But since this could be a pretty lengthy list if I continued in this fashion, I'll just list the following piece of information: out of 72 causes of death analysed by a certain study, only six have higher mortality rates for women and those are breast cancer, asthma, rheumatic fever, Alzheimer's disease, kidney infections, pregnancy and childbirth.

     And to finish things off nicely (pun intended): men die sooner. And some researchers believe that it's all women's fault: due to the so called 'mother's curse' men and only men get damaged mitochondrial DNA from their mothers which could result in higher risks of several diseases of the heart, muscles and nerves. Well, ain't that swell.

     So who's the weaker sex now, ey? Yes, women are weaker when it comes to opening jars but we don't need to be running to men for help, there are ways to open them ourselves and I'm sure those methods are widely utilized among my kins, certainly more frequently than among men. But do you know what is utilized more frequently by men then by women? Transgender plastic surgery. Yup, more men want to become a woman than vice versa — even they themselves want to defect from their ranks. According to a Swiss study, there are 252 female-to-male transitions as opposed to 429 male-to-female ones — that's almost twice as much! But other sources claim that the male-to-female surgery is as high as three times more prevailing. And as if that's not enough, even nature seems to think that we could do with less men — since forever the number of newborn boys was higher all across the globe (be it because sperm cells, carrying the male Y chromosome, are lighter and thus faster, be it because it's simply nature's way to compensate for the argument number 10 above), but girls have been gaining on the little wieners: in Slovenia, the birth rate has been increasing over the last few years, but the discrepancy between the number of newborn boys and newborn girls get smaller each year and this trend is present in other countries, European or not, too.
     Now do you believe me? Weaker sex my ass . . . Soon, we'll be the ones pissing standing up while men pee sitting down so they can finally hit the bowl. And they better, or else!

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