Nov 22, 2015

I Wonder . . . #8

     Yesterday, it started snowing all across my country except in the area where I live. Here, it's been raining on and off for the past week or so (but it sure feels it's been raining for an entire month if not year) and thus what is a girl to do in this weather but stay in bed, roll around and ... wonder about stuff, what else. So here's what I've been wondering lately, while this has been on repeat.

Do dogs have four ankles or four knees?

When Will Smith dies, does he become Was Smith or Did Smith?

Why is there to employ, an employer and an employee but not to steal, a stealer and a stealee?

Where does all the fuzzy, dusty shit men have in their bellybuttons come from??

If a rainbow appears when there's sunshine and rain, how come the colors don't smudge — are the colors of the rainbow waterproof?

All the drugs in the movies, all that "coke", "heroin", "meth", what are they, what are the actors snorting, shooting up and smoking?

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