Jan 30, 2016

All This Travelling Is Hard Work - Part Two

     A few days ago a friend of mine left a comment under one of the photos I posted on Instagram — she simply wrote, 'Divine.' And as I again sit and write on a train, I'm thinking, 'How unfair of me (or at least it must seem so) to just promote the 'glitzy' side of my backpacking Thailand adventure,' so I decided to do something different in this second installment of All This Traveling Is Hard Work post (you can find part one here) and I'll give you 18 reasons, little anecdotes, information nuggets or whatever you want to call them which will shed some light and portray a more realistic picture I think. 

1. I almost boiled to death and evaporated on the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai because there weren't any windows on upper berths to open.

2. Ironically, I almost froze to death on the train from Suratthani to Bangkok because the window actually existing on my lower berth wouldn't close.

3. Even more so ironically, when I tried to open the window on the next train from Bangkok to Pak Chong, so I could take a picture of something, the window wouldn't open.

4. Since we're talking trains: Have you ever tried peeing on a roller-coaster? This is how peeing on a Thai train feels like.

5. One night, a rodent broke into our room and ate our bread.

6. The next night when we put the bread safely away the rodent came again and because it couldn't find the bread, it ate my shirt.

7. That wasn't the only unplanned animal encounter though: I also was lucky enough to see 3 cockroaches in these past few weeks.

8. A mask fell off a boat while snorkeling and I dived to grab it and kicked a propeller with my foot thus slicing a good inch of skin off and exposing a nice chunk of raw meat to salt and sand for the next couple of days.

9. That hole in my foot was a lovely addition to some 4 to 7 preexisting blisters I managed to produce walking 20+ kilometers (13+ miles) daily.

10. Like I said in my response on Instagram, I've been eating shit most of the time to save money which of course results in spontaneous spurts of diarrhea here or there.

11. Also, I've been living in the same clothes for days and days (and days and days) because I brought only a few to save space in the backpack — and yesterday it was 37°C (99°F), mind you. Sure, I've washed them recently, but not even hand-washing them half way through the trip doesn't actually help much (but the placebo effect of the deed felt nice).

12. Weeks ago, I left home at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday, Slovene time, and reached my first hostel jet-lagged, sore and basically dead on a Friday at 3 p.m., Thai time. Since the said Wednesday many many days ago it FEELS like I've slept for maybe, and I'm being generous here, 5 hours altogether. 

13. Since I came here, I've been trying to talk to people who mostly speak no English whatsoever which makes ordering food an adventure in itself so I asked the first English speaking Thai person to write down two dishes I probably (more like hopefully) like so I could just show the piece of paper to waiters or cooks at food vendors.

14. Similarly, when asking for directions, the language barrier also leads to an intense game of charades which eventually looks like break dancing worthy of the Olympics possibly accompanied by me screaming BUS, BUS or OCEAN, OCEAN or whatever the fuck I think would or should trigger some understanding but it of course doesn't.

15. Once, the air-conditioned double-decker bus I booked and paid tickets for several days in advance broke down and I ended up in an express mail van with 14 other people and 7 thousand billion million packages. With 0 air-conditioning. For 4 hours.

16. Since I'm saving money on accommodation, I've been sleeping in hostel rooms with a bunch of other people so imagine the joy of learning who snores, who tosses and turns, who farts or who talks in their sleep every few days all anew. Luckily, the snorer is mostly me.

17. Ginger and turmeric. I. Fucking. Hate. HATE. Them. And it seems that I'm the only one here in Thailand that does because they put that shit EVERYWHERE. I bet I could find frigging ginger-turmeric toothpaste if I wanted.

18. Half the time I rather just walk on the busy road than on the (just as busy) pavement because it's safer: I prefer dodging cars and mopeds than dodging monks — you mustn't touch them if you're a woman, while 'touching' speeding cars doesn't seem to bother anyone, woman or not.

     But taking all of this into consideration, I'm still not complaining and I still wouldn't change a single, tiniest bit of it: I've already gotten to experience, see, taste, smell, feel, dread and enjoy so many insanely incredible things, a lot of which for the first (and maybe the only) time and the trip still isn't over, so I'm taking it all, the good with the bad, the bad with the good. Honestly, I love this shit, all of it, and I would — and undoubtedly very soon will — do it all over again. You should too. But for now just remember, for every 'divine' sunset/palm tree/snorkeling/animal/landscape shot you see me posting, rest assured I'm paying my fair share of dues for it with, quite literally, blood, sweat and once almost even tears. Seems pricey? Far from it — it's priceless.

     P.S.: Just in case any of you wants to know what in any of the photos is, here's a hint: I usually name all my pics, so to get to the name just right click on them as if you are trying to save them and then a window appears where you can change the name of the file and that will give you all the details. Also, you can find more random everyday snaps on my Twitter or Instagram feed.

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