Jan 23, 2016

Eleven Thousand Words

     We, my boyfriend and I, decided to book a tiny beach 'house' in a balmy palm grove for a few days so we can take a breather, enjoy some ocean breeze and just relax and chill after a very eventful spree of city/sight/mountain/island hopping. And thank fuck for that or else I wouldn't have time to put together this post amidst all the craziness.
     That being said, don't get too excited, this is all I'm writing this week - I'm leaving you with a bunch of pictures (eleven to be exact) instead, which should be just fine, right, since a picture's supposedly worth a thousand words. And here's a little bonus to boot too: for a change, a much welcomed one I think, I'm in none of the shots, so hooray for that.
     But now please excuse me, I have a date with the sun and the beach. Cheerio.

     P.S.: Just in case any of you wants to know what in any of the photos is, here's a hint: I usually name all my pics, so to get to the name just right click on them as if you are trying to save them and then a window appears where you can change the name of the file and that will give you all the details.


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