Feb 26, 2016

I Wonder ... #9

     Today's the perfect day for an I Wonder post and if you're wondering why, we're off to a great start. So, today is a perfect day for an I wonder post because it's the official international For Pete's Sake Day — Pete's, not Peet's, mind you — and ever since I've known about it, I've been wondering who's the idiot that can't spell? Nah, just kidding, I'm not wondering that, I know who the idiot that can't spell is — it sure as hell isn't me, my spelling is flowless. So, in honor of For Peet's Sake Day, here's the latest I Wonder list. Happy FPS Day, everyone!

Is snoring hereditary? If your grandmother and your mother snore, will you automatically snore too?

Do Asian people have as much trouble learning how to use a knife and a fork as the non-Asians have learning how to use chopsticks?

What if a 'boob job' is just a blow job done with boobs?

If wifie is a diminutive for a wife, Lizzie a diminutive for Liz and girlie a diminutive for a girl, then cookie has to be a diminutive for a . . . What? What's a big cookie called? 

Is cauliflower just albino broccoli?

Are orcas, zebras and pandas in any way related? Like distant cousins in the 7th knee? Or do they just have the same hairdresser?

If a man is a gynecologist, does that automatically make him a better fuck buddy?

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