May 8, 2016

Sapere Aude

     Besides for For Peet's Sake, I also write in Slovene, my mother tongue, for another site (Lokalne Ajdovščina) and I'm currently working on a piece revolving around a certain Latin proverb, qui non laborat, non manducat. And since my boyfriend is my boyfriend, he's doomed to listen to me endlessly babbling away about whatever I'm currently working on and since I'm always currently working on this heap of nonsense or another, it's really shocking he still has both his ears — and that I still have a boyfriend. But there was also something else I found surprising a few of days ago.
     On Tuesday or Wednesday, the universe belatedly decided to cut me some slack and all the residual haze still lingering in my poor, ravaged brain from weekend full of debauchery and shit finally cleared. Which meant that all the jumbled thoughts in my head finally aligned and an idea of what to write for this month's contribution to Lokalne Ajdovščina crystallized — of course I immediately had to share the breakthrough with my boyfriend but much to my surprise, qui non laborat, non manducat wasn't met with the level of excitement I expected. Quite frankly, it wasn't even met with the level of familiarity I expected. "What do you mean you don't know what that means? You haven't heard that? Ever? Really? You sure?"
     After assuring me he hadn't heard that ever — as in never ever — for a few minutes, it finally dawned on me: not everyone spent their summer vacation trapped on a sailboat with their father teaching them Latin proverbs 'just for the fun of it' — at the age of five.
     I guess I thus have to thank my father that the first sentence I remember is in Latin. My mom, however, says that my first sentence was 'I'm so very hungry and thirsty' which I kept repeating over and over again at five in the morning while vigorously shaking her to wake her up and make her finally feed me. My memory, coincidentally, has no record of that. Which by no means implies that it didn't happen — it had to because I still do that today, just to my boyfriend.
     So sure, 'I'm so very hungry and thirsty' may be my actual first uttered sentence, but according to my recollection, my memory was more or less a tabula rasa before remembering the first string of words coming from my mouth which were alea iacta est. So no wonder I developed a soft sport for sayings and quotes and proverbs and language in general, right? And no wonder Latin still is very near and dear to my heart. After all, how could it not be? Those Latin cats were smooth! A lot more poetic and melodious and lyrical than anything produced today. I mean, you don't have to be lord Byron to know that 'btw 2nite we gon get lit fo sho w/ my bae LOLZ' ain't shit.
     But luckily we can all take a break from that pathetic excuse for a language (and a disgrace to civilization basically) by taking a trip back in time which I intend to do today so I'm leaving you with some of my favorite Latin sayings until next week, but now, please, excuse me: I have to wrap this up and go back to some actual laborat because I really do like to manducat.
      PEACE. Or should I say pacem?

That man is wise who talks little. 

Consultor homini tempus utilissimus.
Time is the wisest counselor of all. 

De mortuis nil nisi bene, de vivis nil nisi verum.
Of the dead nothing but good, of the living nothing but the truth. 

Fames cibi condimentum.
Hunger is the best spice. 

Quem di diligunt adulescens moritur.
He whom the gods love dies young. 

Quod in corde sobrii, id in lingua ebrii.
What we think when sober, when drunk we blab.

Other's misfortune is a useful example.  

Sapere aude.
Dare to know. 

Vitam regit fortuna, non sapientia.
Fortune, not wisdom, rules lives. 

Timendi causa est nescire.
Ignorance is the cause of fear. 

Fortes fortuna adiuvat.
 Fortune favors the brave.

Veritas filia temporis.
Truth, daughter of time. 

Not to go forward is to go backward.

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