Nov 22, 2016

Private Property

     The above picture is of course a joke, I made it just for fun, at least I think it's amusing, but then again, what the fuck do I know. Anyhow. I thought I would, out of courtesy, let you know that I'm making the blog private so from now on you won't be able to see any of the new posts coming in. Thanks to that damn courtesy, I should also probably tell you why I'm doing this. Basically it comes down to four things:
  • THE LACK OF SUPPORT. Going into this, I thought and was told that if you produce good work, people will want to spread the word. That hasn't exactly happened. I've been upset and sad and questioning my work too many times on account of this. Unlike pictures of kittens or babies, videos of fails or bloopers and various ingenious memes, my blog posts obviously haven't been up to par and thus support- or share-worthy so I need to stop embarrassing myself.
  • HOLDING MY TONGUE. Since this is a public blog, I've been forced (again, thank you, courtesy) to tiptoe or skirt around certain subjects (aliens, relationships, modern upbringing (or lack thereof), sluts, etc.) and I haven't been able to pour my heart out because I have to write this with you in mind. This is supposed to be a form of catharsis for me and the way things are set up right now, the blog isn't serving its purpose, because I have to be mindful of people, when sometimes all I want to say is that the world, for the better part, is brimming with careless morons and egotistical bitches. By making the blog private, I will get to do just that. With names. Can't fucking wait.
  • IT'S POINTLESS. I basically said all I had to say about this in the previous post. But I must say, that it's kind of disheartening when you see first hand that even highly educated people around you couldn't care less about the things you write — even though several topics here on the blog concern the well-being of the entire planet as a whole. Oh well. Maybe we'll get it right the next time around.
  • THOSE STUPID PICTURES. I've said it already and I'll say it again: I hate taking pictures of myself. I do love photography and editing, though, and I especially love it when something that pops in my head comes together on the screen. But. Whenever I don't plaster my dumb face all over the post, less people 'read' it, I can see it in my stats, so I know most morons come here just to gawk. It's been pissing me off week after week as well as in a way forcing me into something I don't want and I need to stop doing this to myself.
     I already wanted to do just that not too long ago actually, but I was talked out of it. Not this time. This has been an interesting little social experiment, but now I'm pulling the plug, I fucking have too. It actually feels it's long overdue. To those of you who care, I apologize. To all of you who gifted me your precious time reading what I wrote, from the bottom of my heart, truly, thank you. Maybe, one day, you'll get to waste your time with my stupid nonsense once more, one never knows.